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Official Support & Advisory services from Ionic

Ionic Support and Advisory services provide value-add partnership capabilities so that companies can ship mission-critical apps on time.

With guaranteed support response times and a dedicated point-of-contact, enterprises can spend less time chasing down errors and more time getting the most out of what Ionic has to offer.

Ionic Advisory services span the product lifecycle from planning to development to deployment to maintenance. Custom strategies are generated for every phase of an enterprise app's development lifecycle.

Ionic Support#

Ionic's world-class customer success team helps enterprise customers reduce risk, go faster, and keep their projects on track. If a customer hits a snag, they can simply contact the team and they'll help troubleshoot and address any issues that occur.

Ionic provides priority helpdesk ticketing, support, and troubleshooting for issues that occur with any Ionic open-source products. These come with a guaranteed response service level agreement (SLA) for any issues, problem, or roadblock.

Ionic Advisory#

Ionic helps enterprises tackle their biggest challenges with tailored solutions and expert services. The most common goals for enterprises include faster time-to-market, reduced maintenance costs, and improved user experience. Knowing where a customer would like to go helps Ionic choose the right strategy for their unique goals.

Ionic can provide live code reviews, architecture reviews, assistance with our native plugins, support for integrations with third-party services, and provide CI/CD best practices. The broad range of solutions and services empower enterprise teams to deliver best-in-class native-powered app experiences with Ionic