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Ionic Platform

The Ionic Platform makes it easy to build rich, multi-channel apps using industry-leading enterprise and open source app development tools.

The platform includes:

  • Cross-platform Apps based off a singular codebase which work across mobile iOS, Android, and the web.
  • Composable Architecture tools and best practices for design systems, components, and micro frontends.
  • Multi-Experience Development sample apps and code snippets so you can build apps to meet your customers wherever they might be, including PWAs, wearables, chatbots, voice platforms, and mixed reality venues.
  • A Cloud SaaS offering that organizations use to build, test, deploy, and secure all of their apps to other customers, other businesses, and within their own enterprise.
  • Authentication & Security solutions that make it extremely simple to add secure SSO, biometrics flows, and encrypted storage to your application.