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Multi-Experience Development with Ionic

In todays day and age consumers and employees are utilizing experiences across all of their touchpoints, devices, and mediums. While native mobile on iOS and Android, PWAs, web and desktop are all critical to crafting a wholistic experience, you may find the need to support other mediums for your applicaton.

Multi-experience development ensures that your critical functionality is accessible to your consumers and employees wherever they are. This includes PWAs, Chatbots, Voice, Android & iOS Wearables, and Augmented Reality.

Each of these critical experiences is supported by the Ionic platform and can still be managed through a single codebase and one team.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can seamlessly transition between your web experience and an installed experience with offline capabilities and access to native device functionality.


Native iOS and Android watch apps are supported directly through Capacitors native projects, giving you complete control over your experience.


Integrate with your Chatbots with Ionic's open platform and a simple chat UI with minimal coding required.


Harness the power of voice based interfaces with Ionic's platform and your backend intelligence of choice.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be used in your application to provide stellar physical experiences that bring your application into the real world.

Windows Desktop

While mobile has taken over consumers lives, desktop support is still critical to many business and employee facing applications.